14 January, 2019
Universidad Zamorano

ZAS-LSU strengthens support for Zamorano’s specialization

The ZAS-LSU, has supported  the higher education of Zamoranos in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, […]
5 February, 2019

Teachers of Zamorano integrate Advisory Committee of the international scientific congress PCCMCA 2019

With their slogan “Biofortification of crops and climate adaptation for Food and Nutritional Security”, PCCMCA 2019 will be the most […]
5 February, 2019

Scholarships, enrollment and internships, Zamorano leadership in Latin America

Zamorano, a benchmark of quality and educational excellence in Latin America, enrolled 1,211 young people, who are preparing to become […]
16 February, 2019

Entrepreneurship and green initiatives with youth from Honduran municipalities

Five themes related to water resources: (1) management, (2) waste, (3) green areas, (4) leadership and (5) green entrepreneurship were […]
5 March, 2019

Support for a healthy school snack in El Paraíso and Francisco Morazán

To contribute to nutrition and improve the diet of school-age children, Zamorano donated more than 800 pounds of fruit and […]
5 March, 2019

DICTA and Taiwan technicians trained in in vitro cultivation of sweetpotato, cassava and potato plants

This project aims to reduce production costs by using certified seed from healthy potatoes, which will facilitate the cultivation of […]
6 March, 2019

Sculpture in honor of the first Latin American Director, Simón Malo

The most significant and lasting impact of his administration, is the admission of women in the academic program of the […]
15 March, 2019

Swiss Mission recognizes Zamorano’s educational quality

Diplomats and Swiss officials offered a conference to students and members of the Zamorano community at the Wilson Popenoe Library, […]
19 March, 2019

Zamorano celebrates Third Regional Forum Latin American and Caribbean Network of Clean Cookers (RLCCL) 2019

The urgency of the Latin American countries to aspire to a public policy in clean kitchens was the focal point […]
20 March, 2019

Regenerative Livestock in the Maraita Valley

Through the Masters in Sustainable Tropical Agriculture (MATS), Zamorano promoted the workshop on Regenerative Livestock, aimed at members of the […]