5 August, 2019

Spain: Nutrition and labor of agricultural soils

Intern: Josué Rafael Deras Izaguirre, Agronomic Engineering Josué completed his internship at the University of Lleida, founded in the year […]
5 August, 2019

Germany: Basic production agriculture

Intern: María Celeste Diaz Bustillo, Agribusiness María Celeste completed her internship in Germany at the organic farm Michaelshof Sammatz, where […]
18 June, 2019

Bulgaria: Management and milking of Angus cattle and Trakehner horses

Intern: Aldo Leonel Cifuentes Maldonado Aldo completed his internship at Sweetwater Angus Divisions Eko Terra Ltd., where he worked as […]
18 June, 2019

Italy Ultrasonic technology in the wine industry

Intern: Mónica Sofia Osorio Barahona Monica completed her internship at the University of Udine in Italy, where she worked with […]
7 June, 2019

Guatemala: Agronomic management of polycultures

Intern: Henry Oswaldo Alvarado Xitumul, Agronomic Engineering Henry completed his internship at HM.Clause Guatemala S.A., an international agricultural cooperative specialized […]
7 June, 2019

Argentina: Value market with agricultural machinery

Intern: Luis Miguel Vargas Gómez Luis completed his internship in Córdoba, Argentina at the DHM Industria factory for agricultural tractors […]
24 May, 2019

Colombia: Reproductive biotechnologies in cattle

Intern: Lisa María Fernanda Figueroa Valdéz, CPA Lisa María’s internship at Central Genetic Embriovet specialized in offering reproductive biotechnologies to […]
10 May, 2019

Ireland: Farm management, quality, processing and marketing of milk

Intern: Carlos Armando Fernández Cerrato, Agronomic Engineering Carlos did his internship at Kerry Agribusiness, focusing on nutrition and food quality. […]
17 April, 2019

Dominican Republic: Waste management in an ornamental plant company

Intern: Massiel De Los Dioses Fabián, IAD Massiel carried out his professional practice at the Costa Nursery Farms in the […]
13 March, 2019

Honduras: Beekeeping education and taxonomy of bees

Intern: Sazkya Senith Cordonez Erazo, AGI Sazkya carried out his internship at the Zamorano Beekeeping Plant. Over the years, this […]
13 March, 2019

United States: Food safety in fruit importing

Intern: Jorge Romero, Food Technology Jorge’s did his internship with Sol Group Marketing in the Food Safety Department. Sol is […]