22 September, 2016

Failure is Not an Option

“ZAMORANO provides all the tools we need to develop ourselves as good students and future professionals.”  —Gracia María Puerto (Honduras), a […]
3 August, 2016

Overcoming Boundaries

There are dreams that seem impossible to reach, especially when you don’t have the resources required to do so, but […]
14 June, 2016

Commitment and Determination

“If something is yours, doors will open, and you shouldn’t waste the opportunity. Today, I am trying to be the […]
28 April, 2016

Solidarity Changed the Future of a Young Woman

“I never imagined that I would study away from my country, much less having financial support.” Blanca Iris Chamale Yumán (Guatemala). […]
5 March, 2016

Darwin Navarrete Ronald Erazo, Class of 2016

“It is a source of happiness to have been chosen for the scholarship program of LAAD, S. A. This financial […]
5 March, 2016

Erik Leonel Salazar Roldan, Class 2016

“I feel very happy and grateful to God for the opportunity LAAD gave me with this scholarship.  I am able […]
4 March, 2016

Bryan Ruano Orellana, Class 2016

“The news of being chosen for this financial aid was a great joy.  With this opportunity I have made a […]
4 March, 2016

Marlon Joshua Rodriguez Rosales, Class 2016

“I feel grateful and privileged; because one of my biggest dreams is to successfully finish my career studies. At the […]