Character and Leadership

Zamorano is a unique university. In addition to a strong theoretical and practical education, Zamorano promotes personal development in its students. This comprehensive training leads to professional qualities distinguished by performance, service to others and leadership in general. On a daily basis, the student is immersed in an academic environment in which the abilities, skills and competencies required for a successful professional life unfold. Complementary to this, the students live a formative experience, framed by a code of conduct, with high expectations of personal development, good conduct, service to others, organization, cleanliness, respect for the environment and responsibility towards the community.

"I can adapt quickly to new situations, overcome conflicts in working groups, and effectively communicate with people; all of these skills I acquired while I was at Zamorano." Jean Fransen, Haitian, Zamorano Class of 2006.

At the end of the process, the high degree of maturity and self-esteem with which our young graduates face the future is well recognized in local and international businesses, academic and social environments. Life at Zamorano includes a lot of studying, hard work and organization, but also of joy, companionship and recreation. Opportunities to play sports, and interact in social and cultural activities are plentiful. Some opportunities are large and include the entire community; others are smaller and vary by interest groups.

The above leads to the integral formation of our students, creating the basis for a successful personal and professional life.