By donating to ZAMORANO you contribute to the progress of nations

Contributing to the formation of quality human capital is one of the best investments for sustainable progress, equity and the civilized coexistence of societies.

Annually, many individuals, corporations, foundations, international donors and government organizations contribute financially to the education of students at Zamorano; however, this educational aid is limited, and there is a large number of young people who wish to train at our institution and have an opportunity that allows them to change their lives and professional future.

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Zamorano is a non-profit organization, registered in the State of Delaware, USA and recognized by the Income Tax Service (IRS) under statute (501)-c- (3). Donations to Escuela Agrícola Panamericana (ZAMORANO) in the US and in Honduras are deductible from Income Tax.

We invite you to make your donations, through checks, registered bank accounts and credit cards. Donate online using your international credit cards at the Donate Online section.


Each year, Zamorano receives a large number of applications from young men and women from Latin American countries. The vast majority aspire and deserve a quality education in order to later serve their societies and countries. However, getting a spot at Zamorano is highly competitive.

Academic merits, vocation and demonstrated financial need are factors that enable applicants to apply for financial aid to partially or fully cover the cost of tuition.