Frequent questions

When attend Student Council?
  • When you have some difficulty, personal situation / internal processes.
  • When you need someone to listen.
  • When you want to internalize aspects of self-knowledge, relationships, motivation and decision making.
  • When you need to know how to organize your time.
  • When you want to learn techniques and study strategies.
  • When you want to develop educational paths that allow you to achieve your academic goals.
  • When you want to explore your abilities, interests and characteristics of intelligence.
  • When you need vocational, personal and professional support.
  • When you want to discover the area of ​​professional work where you develop your full potential.
  • When you want to discover your skills and vocational preferences.
Where are the facilities?

Wilson Popenoe Library Building, next to the offices of Information Technology

Are my concerns and processes are completely confidential?

All you express in the Student Counseling is confidential between you and the Student Advisor. The Minister as professional psychologist conducted an oath of professional ethics, which can not disclose anything that is told in counseling, unless it has the authorization of the person who expresses it.

How to contact?
  • Come to the office of Student Counseling and personally requested an appointment
  • Write to the email address:
  • Call 9491-3859
  • Make your request using the mailbox that is located outside the premises of the Student Counseling
  • Zamorano Web: www.zamorano.udu/consejeria-estudiantil
What are the opening times?

The hours are flexible according to your needs. Preferably at times that do not coincide with classes or modules.

What is the difference between the Ombudsperson and Student Advisor?

With Ombudsperson institutional processes, conflict resolution, disrespect for the rights of students in the institution look.

With the Student Advisor, Personal aspects of your story, divided into three areas look: Personal / emotional, academic and vocational, is a space made for you in which you can express what you want.