8 March, 2022

Dole Fresh Fruit International scholars at Zamorano, a dream come true

Thanks to the commitment and vision of several Zamorano graduates who were the driving force behind this world renowned brand, […]
12 May, 2021

Carlos Torrebiarte, a life dedicated to investments and philanthropy

At ZAMORANO he learned that failure is a lesson that must be overcome with hard and honest work. Carlos Torrebiarte, […]
13 April, 2021

Maria Regina Heredia, our Zamorano graduate promoting ecological beekeeping and the preservation of bees in Bolivia

Currently, Ing. Heredia is working on the launch of new products and a new line of snacks made from freeze-dried […]
8 March, 2021

The Coronel Pilco brothers rewrite the history of specialty coffee in Ecuador

Despite the implications of the Covid19 pandemic and the resultant necessary precautionary biosecurity measures, these Zamorano graduates are succeeding in […]
23 February, 2021

AGEAP USA launches a mentorship program for 4th year students

This is the first time a mentorship program has been launched among the Zamorano graduates. In this initial stage, the […]
2 February, 2021

Drones: Zamorano’s Own is a Pioneer in Salvadorian Agriculture

Carlos Francisco Mercado Mata ’06 has vast experience in the commercialization of agricultural products for markets in El Salvador. His […]
7 October, 2020

Lake Atitlan’s Keeper

For Guatemalan rural communities, Lake Atitlan’s Keeper has been a champion of  wastewater management.  He has used technology to realize […]
14 September, 2020

The Association of Zamorano graduates in Ecuador (AGEAPSE) celebrates its 40 year anniversary

Ecuadorian graduates of Zamorano represent 25% of total graduates from our university. Members of the Graduate Association of the Panamerican […]
9 September, 2020

Zamopodcast: Joining and integrating the Zamorano community around the world

The programs and interviews of the Zamopodcast can be heard through nine different digital platforms, among them: Anchor, Spotify, Google […]