Issuance of Documentss

If you need to carry out procedures for postgraduate studies, employment opportunities and other activities requiring:
1. Transcripts
2. Evidence of graduate
3. Evidence of graduate with mode
4. Analytical Programme / Syllabus
5. Proof of the UNAH
6. True-Council of Higher Education (For notes, issuance and replacement title)
7. True-Foreign
8. Foreign-Apostilles

Please send your application to the Registrar, aimed at Ms. Sara Aguilar mail,who kindly tells you how to proceed.
Additionally, we suggest you review the documents listed below and send them along with your electronic application. • Form to request documents • Shipping Management

Application Note Duel

    Full Name:*



    Full Name of Deceased Colleague:*


    Country Died:*

    Name of a relative of the deceased:*

    Family Relationship:*

    Email of the Family:*


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