As a Zamorano Graduate,
why should I contribute?

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Maintaining a leadership role and constantly striving for innovation comes at a financial cost. ZAMORANO needs your support. Less than half of the cost of education at ZAMORANO is paid for by tuition.

The rest comes from people like you as a result of your pride of being a ZAMORANO. It is an opportunity to participate in something that is important to you and create stronger connections on campus.

Potential private sector and government donors want to know that ZAMORANO graduates believe in ZAMORANO. Your contribution will attract other donations.

Your success is in part due to ZAMORANO. Now is the time to make that dream happen for others. In addition to leaving a legacy for current students, you are also setting the trend for the future. Your donation will help others succeed.

At some point in your life, someone reached out to you with a helping hand. There are students from all socioeconomic backgrounds throughout Latin America who need that help now.

The continued success of ZAMORANO is important to you and your career.

Goodwill begets more goodwill.

Honor Roll

We appreciate your support towards the mission of forming America’s leaders.
Your donations are a fundamental basis of Zamorano education.

This is the collection for the year 2020:

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We recommend that you become a part of our honor roll.
Alumni like you make it possible for young Latin Americans to study at Zamorano.


Cultivate their future

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700 Zamorano alumni committed to changing lives and the future
of countries. Being part of this group guarantees that you will have an impact on the educational dreams of talented young people with economic limitations.

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ZAMORANO has a financial aid program for students who stand out for their merits and have limited economic resources. This support allows them to partially or totally cover the value of their tuition.

The program is aimed at members of the Zamorano community who wish to make automatic monthly contributions. With just $10 a month, 700 graduates could award a full scholarship to a student.

Thank you!
We are meeting our goal for 2021.

Class of 84 Donors

Imagining a shared legacy for future Zamoranos

During their visit to ZAMORANO on June 28, 2019 for the celebration of their 35th graduation anniversary, the Class of 84 “La Mafia” agreed to establish two scholarship in honor of deceased class members to finance 50% of the total cost of the four years at Zamorano for two students worthy of support. In addition, the class will gradually establish an endowment fund that will support scholarship recipients in perpetuity.

Thank you for your participation in this effort to help transform the lives of promising young people from different countries by giving them access to the same opportunities that Zamorano offered each of us at the time.

Establishing the Legacy

icono Estableciendo el Legado

When considering how much you will contribute annually, please keep in mind that the scholarships we have committed to offer are for a period of four years.

If you decide to automate your contribution in monthly installments, for financial planning purposes, we will assume that you will continue to make contributions of the same amount for at least 48 months. If you decide to make one contribution at a time, we will assume that you will continue to make monthly contributions fo the same amount each year for a period of at least four years.

After you make your donation online, a member of the Institutional Development team will follow up by email with the declaration of intent required to formalize the 4-year pledge.

If you have questions, you can contact the following members of the Zamorano Institutional Development team:

In Latin America:
María Jose Baires Mondragon ‘11

Class of ’84 Fundraising Council:

Octavio Ramírez
Isabel Toapanta
Guillermo Lacayo
Javier Martínez

Danilo Alvarado
Sigfredo Tinoco
Pedro Peña
Carlos Eguez

Fredy Barahona
José Falck
Héctor Portillo
Oscar Lema

* The members of this council will serve for an initial period of two years, renewable according to their availability and that of the people who are willing to replace them.

“La Mafia” Class of 84 Donors

Donantes Clase “La Mafia” 84 donantes
Donantes Clase “La Mafia” 84 recaudado