Located in a natural setting, the Zamorano Kellogg Center highlights the university’s characteristic pink stone colonial architecture in an agroecological environment surrounded by two nature reserves and multiple learning areas. The Center maintains a balance between nature, the modern and the colonial. Its design is inspired by Zamorano’s history and exalts its institutional pillars with photographs and Honduran Lenca handicrafts.

The Center has corridors and natural areas for events, technological halls and rooms equipped with hot water powered by solar energy. It is decorated with natural plants, honoring the institution’s philosophy of deep respect for environmental conservation. It also has a waste management program that focuses on effective natural resource care. Its open areas, security and tranquility allow its clients to enjoy bird watching and walks, while discovering nooks of unparalleled beauty.

The W.K. Kellogg Center is a business unit. Its construction was finished in September, 1988.

Distributed throughout five different settings with a housing capacity for 130 guests.

Air-conditioned, with capacity for 10 to 90 people. Audiovisual equipment and support materials are available.

With capacity for 100 to 270 people and distributed around campus.


The Kellogg Center is a hospitality services unit that aims to exceed the expectations of its internal and external clients by providing personalized and high quality services based on economic, social and environmental responsibility.

Its operations help Zamorano to broaden its financial base and enrich the experiences of students through Learning by Doing, thus contributing to the Institution’s mission and vision.


Become a leader in the region as providers of hospitality services for the training of Human Resources under the concept of economic, social and environmental responsibility by offering an efficient and personalized service.