Laboratory Services for the Food Industry

Laboratories Analysis Food and Microbiology of Zamorano are the best allies for the food industry.

We have specialized laboratories in Analysis, Microbiology y Sensory Analysis of food, available to students and regional businesses.

Food Analysis Laboratory (LAAZ)

The Food Analysis Laboratory of the Zamorano ( LAAZ ) provides analytical services (physical and chemical) for food for human and animal consumption, industrial oils and biodiesel , packaging, and other products of agribusiness in general.

We offer nutrition labeling analysis according to Central American Technical Regulation RTCA. 67.04.60:10, la NLEA 90 de US and Directive 90/496/EEC of the European Union; the goal is to deliver to our customers in accordance to the different food regulators that are designed to ensure the safety of human health and reduce risk factors in food, giving values ​​and guidelines to follow at the time of the food processing and distribution within and outside Central America.

Food Microbiology Laboratory (LMAZ)

Mayra Márquez González

Our services are open to the public.

The laboratory offers a variety of qualitative and quantitative services to assess food supplies for food , surfaces and areas where groups are processed to determine indicators of pollution and microbial spoilage.

• The analysis is aimed at determining the level of compliance or adherence to good hygiene practices and microbiological quality and shelf life of a product.
• The methods used in microbiological analysis are traditional methods , which offer the advantage over rapid having no limitations in food matrix for application .

As part of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement , each year we try to increase the services provided by the lab and include as many methods in the scope of accreditation.

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