Board of Trustees | Universidad Zamorano

Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees holds the highest authority at Zamorano. Its primary objectives are to ensure the mission, direction and general operation of the institution. Additional responsibilities include appointing the president and endorsing the appointment of senior university positions, approving strategic and annual plans, and obtaining funds and other support for the achievement of institutional objectives.

The members of the Zamorano Board of Trustees represent various nationalities and professions, all with a renowned trajectory, who share ideas, commitments, and common altruistic goals for the benefit of Latin America, its youth, and the development of its countries. A high sense of philanthropy characterizes Zamorano trustees. They are all volunteers who donate their time, knowledge, experience, reputation, and even financial resources. Some have accompanied and encouraged Zamorano’s constant progression for a long time and are accredited with Zamorano’s vast evolution in recent years.