Ing. Karen Emperatriz Jirón Estrada

President AGEAP International
Class 97, Nicaragua

Dear colleagues:

After living in El Zamorano Our Alma Mater , it is gratifying that we are communicating , informing and supporting, that's what we search as members of the Association of Graduates (AGEAP).

We now have 17 chapters AGEAP (Asia-África, Belice, Bolivia,  Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Europa, Guatemala,  Haití, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, Perú, República Dominicana, EE.UU and Paraguay), which opens up opportunities for us to be gathered and work on sets for our welfare and our Alma Mater ; if we work together the results can be larger and more visible, but for teamwork is required we are involved.

At 75 years of Zamorano founded and our 50 years of being organized as an association , we will be almost 8000 graduates from 29 countries.

In recent years we have been continuously working on promoting our Alma Mater Zamorano and joining efforts with the Board of Trustees .

We are currently promoting the project " Walk Graduate " as a mechanism to project with Zamorano and receive financial resources to increase the endowment of AGEAP International same that are used for scholarships to Zamorano third and fourth year with economic difficulties but who have academic and disciplinary excellence.

Colleagues , we invite you to our upcoming international conventions , so they can reconnect with their class colleagues or meet others. Since 2016 our international conventions are annual , this will provide greater opportunities to participate , become actively involved and continue to strengthen our ties of friendship ; we can also strengthen our trade and develop business between us .

AGEAP goals as are many, but with the slogan "Labor Omnia Vincit " can achieve faster even if we do as a team, as Zamorano family ./p>

In AGEAP we look forward to you, for further growth.