Message from the Student Counselor

Zuleyma Peña

Student Counselor

Dear Zamorano Students:

Receive cordial and attentive greetings from your Student Counselor.

Welcome to 2017, which will undoubtedly be full of many joys and great learning, a year in which you have to develop your greatest potential and allow yourself to discover the flow of your possibilities.

As you know, the Student Counseling service is available, in order to respond to your needs. It is a confidential space where you can express your wishes, concerns, points of view, feelings and what is important for you in your life, personal, academic and vocational. The purpose is to be able to accompany you throughout your career in Zamorano.

Student Counseling is at your disposal to foster a life with values ​​and support you in the pursuit of your well-being, with the purpose of Caring for You, Respect Yourself and Help You Grow.

From the Counseling three areas are worked: Personal / Emotional, Academic and Vocational, let you know all the possibilities you have and your potential.

Come and approach .... If you have doubts, if you need advice, if you need someone who can witness your story, if you need to be heard and supported in your walk, counseling is your space.

For whatever it is necessary, I remain at your disposal, the day and the hour that is.