Welcome to Zamorano!


Tanya Müller Garcia

EAP Zamorano, President

The responsibility of feeding the world´s population is one of the greatest challenges that we will confront in the upcoming years. By the year 2050, the global population is projected to be almost 10 billion people, requiring an important modification in our agri-food systems, including sustainable production, economic considerations, processing, transportation, commercialization, food consumption and nutrition, and food waste management, among others.

Zamorano is well-positioned in the “digital vanguard”, cognizant of the opportunities presented by “E-agriculture” in agri-food systems in terms of the environment, reduction of carbon emissions, adaptation to climate change and resilience within these systems.

In Zamorano - a university leader in the region - we are committed to provide an integral formation to our students, which is why our academic plans are aligned with the Sustainable Development Objectives.

We also understand and support the transformational role of women in agriculture, sustainable food systems and the democratization of access to opportunities.

Zamorano graduates are prominent leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in the economic, political, diplomatic, academic and social sectors, having a transformative impact and leading by example at the global, regional and local levels.

The Zamorano experience is unique. Our strength is the Zamorano community itself, integrated by our graduates, students, faculty, personnel, donors and friends, all of whom share an ethic, the highest human qualities, cultural diversity, values and a Zamorano pride.

I invite you to become a part of Zamorano, to support our transformative, high impact efforts with a vision of societal fairness, inclusiveness, equity, sustainability and resilience, addressing the challenges of agriculture, diet, nutrition, health and economic and social development of the region.

I hope to soon be able to receive you on our beautiful Zamorano campus.

Tanya Müller Garcia