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Agribusiness Management

The Department produces Agribusiness Management engineers, who through the use of innovative technological and social tools, knowledge management, and the application of principles of sustainability, resilience and inclusion, provide solutions to the problems of agri-food systems.

The major promotes an optimal study and work environment to strengthen the values ​​that form engineers capable of undertaking, leading and collaborating in businesses of the agri-food system using a transdisciplinary approach. Through the identification of local and international opportunities, graduates of this major achieve personal growth, the well-being of their families and promote a more prosperous and food-secure world based on sustainable agri-food and nutrition systems. 

The department teaches the most current trends in agribusiness management based on the pillars of the Zamorano philosophy: Academic Excellence, Learning by Doing, Strengthening of Values ​​and Multiculturalism.

Professional capabilities

A graduate of the Zamorano Agribusiness Management major is capable of the following: 

  • Analyzing primary and secondary information for decision making. 
  • Interpreting models using inexpensive tools.
  • Participating in business initiatives. 
  • Solving challenges of private or public companies. 
  • Analyzing the business environment to adjust strategies. 
  • Defending business ideas. 
  • Using technological tools. 
  • Leading and/or participating in socially and environmentally responsible business initiatives.


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The Agribusiness Management Department trains leaders that contribute to economic progress, business development, wealth creation and poverty reduction.

Professional capabilities

With particular strength in the practical application of these concepts to related agricultural inputs, production, and services to agribusiness.

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