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Agricultural Sciences and Production

The Agricultural Sciences and Production Department produces engineers capable of responding to current agri-food system challenges by means of streamlined sustainable food production strategies. Graduates of this department are capable of providing solutions to agricultural production problems by using applied research, innovative processes, data analysis for decision making and the appropriate use of natural resources. 

The Agricultural Sciences and Production major offers comprehensive training and knowledge through its two subject areas, “Phytotechnics” and “Zootechnics.” In each, students develop the technological skills and abilities to promote a more prosperous and food-secure world  based on sustainable agri-food and nutrition systems.

Ciencia y Producción Agropecuaria info

In order to achieve institutional objectives, the major has three components: a) Theoretical-Applied, b) Learning by Doing and c) Formative. In addition, it provides students with a professional practice/internship, work value, discipline, responsibility and an integral training experience.

Professional Capabilities

A graduate of the Zamorano Agricultural Sciences and Production major is capable of the following: 

  • Applying fundamental concepts and principles of agricultural sciences.
  • Analyzing scientific and empirical information in the agricultural field.
  • Improving agricultural production through appropriate technologies
  • Carrying out sustainable agricultural production processes.
  • Generating information for continuous improvement processes.
  • Communicating effectively.
  • Solving problems of agricultural production systems based on the proper evaluation and interpretation of information.
  • Leading and/or collaborating in the planning and execution of good agricultural practices.


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The Agricultural Sciences and Production Department trains professionals to apply science and technology to improve productivity and professionally manage production processes.

Professional capabilities

This program gave the region hundreds of agronomists who contributed substantially to the development of their countries.

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