Zamorano Pre-College

Designed for high school juniors and seniors with a focus on developing various skills. Online Math, Pre-University Chemistry and Pre-University Spanish.

Online Courses


Online Math

Asynchronous modality, starts in december,  56 hours (8 synchronous and 48 asynchronous) / 24 days, Free! for applicants with a reserved space, and without reserved space: USD $ 100.00

56 H


Pre-University Chemistry

Online modality, starts in december, 20 hours, Free! for applicants with a reserved space, and without space: USD $100.00

20 H


Pre-University Spanish

Online modality, starts in december,  9 hours, 3 days per module (one hour per day), Free! for applicant with a reserved space, and without a reserved space: USD $100.

9 H

Online Math: The course aims to review the basic knowledge of Arithmetic, Geometry and Algebra. The study of this basic knowledge is carried out with an emphasis on applications oriented to agriculture, administration, economics and related sciences

Pre-University Chemistry: Understand the theory related to the elementary levels of chemistry. Solve real problems applying the basic knowledge acquired in the course. 

Pre-University Spanish: Correctly apply the spelling and accentuation rules to properly use the Spanish language. Put into practice the proper use of grammar to achieve good writing in the professional field. Recognize strategies for text analysis, identifying the basic elements of writing.

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