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Environmental Science and Development

The Environmental Science and Development Department produces engineers, who through an interdisciplinary approach, study the relationships between environmental quality, economic growth, social equity and community resilience in order to promote a more prosperous and food-secure world based on sustainable agri-food and nutrition systems.

This major is based on three thematic areas: 1) Sustainable development as a cross-cutting axis, 2) Sustainable natural resource management, and 3) Environmental sciences engineering as an alternative for prevention and remediation of environmental problems and climate change faced by agrifood systems. 

The academic program is based on practical learning under the Learning by Doing methodology where students develop different skills and values, such as leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, communication, knowledge management and the appropriate use of technology in multiple contexts. The latter is strengthened through laboratories and academic tours in which students acquire different professional capacities and abilities. The program promotes analytical critical thinking and lays the foundation for scientific research.

Professional capabilities

A graduate of the Environmental Science and Development major is capable of the following: 

  • Understanding the trends in the environment, defining strategic courses of action that improve the environment and mitigating the negative impacts caused by human interventions.
  • Managing the concepts, principles and methods of natural resource management. 
  • Quantifying and anticipating the impacts, as well as proposing, planning and executing solution alternatives that are viable and consistent with the local reality in different scenarios.
  • Assuming and leading initiatives for sustainable development and productive management of natural resources.
  • Understanding the production system as a whole, in which pollution prevention is a priority, and generating additional economic returns for the private sector.
  • Developing applied research in the environmental and social fields. 
  • Developing environmental engineering solutions that promote sustainability by formulating diagnoses and proposals to solve environmental and social problems. 


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The Environment and Development Department offers a cutting edge program supported by solid technical expertise and applied research, focusing on the environment with a holistic approach to development.

Professional capabilities

Environment and Development graduate has a comprehensive education that allows you to understand natural and social systems.

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