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Food Science and Technology

The Food Science and Technology Department produces professionals specialized in the transformation of agricultural products to create added value and address the challenges of food systems in order to  promote a more prosperous food-secure world based on sustainable food and nutrition systems. 

This major bases its teaching on the application of practical work, combined with science, technology and research in sustainable food agroindustry. The department’s different learning spaces (including plants and specialized laboratories) offer students the opportunity to develop skills, such as leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, communication, knowledge management and the appropriate use of technology in multiple contexts. 

The academic program integrates training in basic and agricultural sciences, food technology and engineering, industrial engineering, and process management and administration to be applied in the processing, human nutrition, marketing and value addition of food products and related managerial aspects.

It is a multidisciplinary career with the mission of comprehensively training leading professionals, who are capable of performing successfully in different scenarios within the different links of food systems and are focused on the transformation, innovation and added value of food products. 

The Food Science and Technology academic program is approved by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), positioning Zamorano among the eight Latin American universities and as the only private university in Central America with this accreditation.

Capacidades profesionales Agroindustria alimentaria

Professional capabilities

A graduate of the Food Science and Technology major is capable of the following: 

  • Identifying, analyzing and solving problems, while providing effective solutions within the food transformation chains, process lines, agro-industrial organizations and with consumers.
  • Transforming and preserving raw materials to turn them into safe and quality products focusing on the consumer and using sustainable and safe technologies.
  • Having innovative ideas for the renewal and development of new food products, new production lines, design processes and industrial spaces; proposing and applying scientific research .
  • Identifying value opportunities: organizing, adapting and securing resources to undertake sustainable activities in the agro-industrial field. 

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We base our teaching on the application of the Learning by doing program, combined with science and research into new technologies in food agroindustry.

Professional capabilities

The Food Science and Technology graduates are professionals capable of performing successfully in the regional and global food agroindustry.

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