General Studies

The General Studies Department trains students in the basic disciplines and skills for undergraduate-level engineering studies. The courses offered are divided into two main areas: general education (biology, chemistry, physics and math) and general agriculture (general training in the links of agri-food systems). Additionally and with the aim of forming an integral Zamorano engineer, courses are offered that allow understanding and relating to the world from different historical, scientific, social, religious and cultural approaches.

The General Studies Department plays an important role in the student’s university education. It provides them with a transdisciplinary formation with which they can define the trajectory of their studies in the discipline of their interest.

The educational activities carried out within the Department contribute to the training of young Latin Americans in the basic sciences, humanities, mathematics and physics, as well as in effective communication in Spanish and English, among others. In addition, it strengthens the values and abilities of each student to communicate, solve problems, work in multicultural teams and accept change through innovation. These abilities, qualities and skills make them better citizens, entrepreneurs and leaders that will implement effective agri-food systems.