About the Masters Program

Acerca del Programa Posgrado

With renowned experience in research, innovation and the formation of academic and professional networks, ZAMORANO UNIVERSITY has designed an educational offering with different graduate programs. The graduate program began in 2018 with the first class from the Master’s in Sustainable Tropical Agriculture. In 2021, Zamorano inaugurated the Master’s in Agribusiness, which is offered under a double degree virtual modality with EAFIT University of Colombia. In 2022, the third program denominated Executive Master’s in Agribusiness began in conjunction with INCAE.

The Zamorano graduate programs offer an optimal preparation for professional and academic careers in the areas of agriculture, international development, management, and business within the agri-food chain. At the end of the selected program, the graduates will have heightened opportunities to opt for better job offers and/or doctoral programs.

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