Our Students are our Ambassadors: the 4th year Internship Program

During the first four months of 2016, three hundred and nine 4th year Zamorano students will apply their knowledge, skills and values at universities, NGOs, agribusiness and agro industry companies in 26 countries as a part of the Zamorano Internship Program.  This  is a unique opportunity for our students to test and validate their Zamorano DNA by incorporating themselves into a new world of science, best practices, technologies and working cultures that not only will enrich their professional competencies  but will also enhance and expand Zamorano´ s excellent reputation worldwide. Many will start their senior year thesis projects and some will later continue graduate studies at the universities that host them.

Zamorano is grateful to all of our partners around the world for receiving and mentoring our students, and permitting them to be a part of their establishments during the internship program.   These significant on-the job, hands-on, real-world experiences enable the students to further mature, improve and excel in both their personal growth and their academic and professional lives.

Here are some students talk about their experiences

22 April, 2016
en usa

US: Research on Pastures and Forages

By Diego José Contreras Gamero (Honduras)                    I study in the career of Agricultural Engineering and am in North Carolina, United […]
20 April, 2016
nota costa rica1

In Costa Rica: Work on Sustainable Organic Farming

By Pablo Ignacio Paliz Larrea (Ecuador) I am a student in the Department of Environment and Development at Zamorano University.  […]
20 April, 2016
nota costa rica

In Costa Rica: Analysis of macroeconomic data and research proposals

By Andrés Felipe Delgado Realpe (Colombia) The Steve Aronson Professorship in Strategy and Agribusiness is the original professorial Chair of […]
14 April, 2016

In Honduras: Experimentation with Micro Gas- Production Units

Marx Nieto (Peru) I’ve been at Indura Beach, on Tela Bay, Honduras, for three months doing my professional practice.  In […]
13 April, 2016

US: Students Outstanding in Competition

By Erasmo Flores (El Salvador) Thanks to the program of professional practice that ZAMORANO gives us as students, we can […]
11 April, 2016
zamo-alemania_0000_Objeto inteligente vectorial

In Germany: Knowing the World Market for Animal Feed Additives

By Johann Reichmann (Honduras) I am a fourth-year Agribusiness Management student at the Pan American Agricultural School, ZAMORANO.  I am […]
8 April, 2016
usa florida

US: Biological Control Research in Florida

During the fourth year of the Environment and Development Career I have taken my professional practice in the biological control […]
7 April, 2016

In Australia: Production of High Quality Beef Cattle

By Eduardo Samuel Garay (Honduras) I am a fourth-year Agricultural Engineering student at Zamorano.  I find myself doing my internship […]
6 April, 2016

US: Research on Frying Process Optimization

By Oliver David Chamorro Ojeda (Paraguay) There is no teaching without research or research without teaching, Paulo Freire (1921-1997).  I […]
4 April, 2016

US: Swine Production

By Brayan Jose Cruz Cruz (Honduras) During my fourth year of Agricultural Engineering in Zamorano, I am in North Carolina, […]
30 March, 2016
peru en israel

In Israel: Fattening Birds in the Nir Yitzhak Kibbutz

By  Macedonian Casavilca Carhuas  (Peru)  I am a fourth-year student of the Agricultural Engineering Major at the Panamerican Agricultural University, […]
30 March, 2016

In Spain: Evaluation of Agricultural Risk Management Systems

I am a fourth-year student of the Agribusiness Management Department. I am in Madrid, Spain, specifically at the Center for […]
5 March, 2016

Research on Recombinant Protein Production, Monterrey, Mexico

By Ediner Fuentes (Panama) Surely we think that biotechnology and environmental issues are not related, however, these two sciences have much […]
3 March, 2016
Junto al Dr. Robert Athickal
Fundador y Coordinador de Tarumitra

Tarumitra in India, an experience in conservation of flora and fauna

Tarumitra means “Friends of Trees” in Hindi and Sanskrit. It is a student movement that aims to protect and promote […]
23 February, 2016
Wilber Gutierrez_0002_NewLab_SPS

Wilber Gutierrez, Texas Tech, USA

How much biodiversity of bees is there in the highlands of southwestern USA? I, Wilber Gutierrez, am an intern at […]