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Our Students, Our Ambassadors: Their Internship Experiences

During the first four months of 2016, three hundred and nine 4th year Zamorano students will apply their knowledge, skills and values at universities, NGOs, agribusiness and agro industry companies in 26 countries as a part of the Zamorano Internship Program.  This  is a unique opportunity for our students to test and validate their Zamorano DNA by incorporating themselves into a new world of science, best practices, technologies and working cultures that not only will enrich their professional competencies  but will also enhance and expand Zamorano´ s excellent reputation worldwide. Many will start their senior year thesis projects and some will later continue graduate studies at the universities that host them.

Zamorano is grateful to all of our partners around the world for receiving and mentoring our students, and permitting them to be a part of their establishments during the internship program.   These significant on-the job, hands-on, real-world experiences enable the students to further mature, improve and excel in both their personal growth and their academic and professional lives.

Here are some students talking about their experiences

21 October, 2020

United States: Ozone anti-microbial intervention as an alternative to organic acids to treat microorganisms in the meat industry

Intern: Carolin Alondra Brito Santos, Food Science and Technology Carolin did her internship at Texas Tech University (TTU).  She worked […]
21 October, 2020

Switzerland: biodynamic agriculture.

Intern: Emerson Eberto Carías Padilla, Environmental Science and Development Emerson did his internship at the Geneva Landscape, Engineering and Architecture […]
21 October, 2020

Honduras: Profitability study for organic tobacco.

Intern: Melanie Raffaella Mendoza Baez, Agribusiness Management. Melanie did her internship at the Plasencia Cigars Company located at El Paraiso, […]
21 October, 2020

United States: Dairy cow and calf research studies performed out in the field and in the laboratory

Intern: Alberto José Triminio Ponce, Agricultural Science and Production Alberto did his internship under the supervision of Dr. Johan Osorio […]
16 September, 2020

United States: Horticulture and Natural Resources

Intern: Gregory Brahian Ortiz Peralta. Environmental Science and Development Gregory did his internship at the Horticulture and Natural Resources Department […]
16 September, 2020

Coffee and Cocoa Process and Production

Intern: Jimena Betancur Moreno. Food Science and Technology Jimena did her internship at the Kotowa Coffee Company, located in Panamá. […]
16 September, 2020

Italy: Wine stabilization

Intern: Mateo Sebastián Romero Maldonado. Agricultural Science and Production Mateo did his internship at Udine University in Italy. He participated […]
16 September, 2020

Brasil: Improving starch digestibility through modification

Intern: Diana Carolina Sáez Benavides, Food Science Technology Diana did her internship at the Food and Science Technology Department of […]