Research projects

Our students, advised by faculty members, carry out research projects (theses) in order to graduate. Annually, they generate more than 200 theses, which represent significant benefit to the world.

We are known for promoting research and generating cutting-edge, creative and global solutions that contribute to the improvement of food and nutritional security, the environment and the development of societies.

At ZAMORANO we train leaders who contribute to feed the world.


11 May, 2021

Benefits of shade and the addition of nitrogen fertilizers in coffee production

Title: Effect of nitrogen fertilization and shade type in soil quality and nitrogen assimilation in Ecuadorian Amazon Coffea canephora agroecosystems. […]
11 May, 2021

Rapid detection of pathogenic microorganisms in food

Title:Optimization of phage-based pathogen detection during sample shipment. Author: Roberto Siu Loung Cheing Ganchozo (Ecuador). Advisors: Mayra Márquez González, Ph.D. […]
11 May, 2021

Methodology to assist US producers in the use of agricultural insurance

Title: Optimization of Phage-Based Pathogen Detection during Sample Shipment Author: José María García Díaz (Ecuador). Advisors: Julio Rendón C., Mtr. […]
11 May, 2021

Analysis of polymorphisms in the lactoferrin gene in Holstein cattle

Title:Analysis of polymorphisms in the lactoferrin gene as indicators of mastitis in Holstein cattle from Zamorano. Author: Pablo Alejandro Valladares […]