Senior Management

The Pan-American Agricultural School, known as Zamorano, was founded in 1942. It is registered in the State of Delaware, United States as a non-profit corporation and has university status of higher education.

The board of trustees holds the highest authority at Zamorano. Its members are internationally renowned for their philanthropy and entrepreneurship and are responsible for making major decisions pertaining to the direction and management of the university. These decisions include the appointment of Zamorano’s president, academic dean and office directors, as well as the approval of the Strategic Plan. A chairperson, vice chair, treasurer, and secretary comprise the board, which works through committees on various projects.

The supervision of the academic programs and administrative units of Zamorano are the responsibility of the president —the highest authority of the university. The president is responsible for ensuring that the strategic objectives proposed by the board of trustees are met.

Zamorano also has an academic dean, who is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the curriculum and programs relating to education. The deanship includes the Associate Dean of Student Life —responsible for overseeing the welfare of students and discipline— and the directors of Zamorano's five departments: General Curriculum, Agribusiness Management, Food Science and Technology, Agricultural Sciences and Production, and Environment and Development.

The operational management of Zamorano has an executive council composed of the following departments: Institutional Advancement, Institutional Effectiveness, Finance, Physical Plant and Services, and Human Resources.

Finally, Zamorano has international representatives in some key countries/regions; including the Andean region (Ecuador and Peru), Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and the United States.