Student counseling

It is a space created for you by the Rectory, made for students with a preventive approach, guided the four pillars of education Zamorano, with emphasis on the formation of values ​​and leadership and character, centering personal history each student.

The Ministry aims to meet the diverse needs of students in Zamora personal, vocational and academic components, through counseling, support, student counseling, individual and group, thus promoting harmonious, productive, balanced and sustainable coexistence the young in their adaptation and during the student life at Zamorano University.

Other objectives of the Ministry are: Provide counseling and guidance processes through exploration skills, interests and characteristics of intelligence, so that the student can make the best decision about selecting career, academic support is provided also for better student achievement.

The Ministry establishes a confidential relationship with the student, to listen carefully to your concerns and give proper advice to make decisions. It is an honor to serve you.