Student Life

Zamorano is home to over 1,300 students. In addition to studying together, students live in an environment enriched with different cultures, challenges and experiences, making the campus a home that forges strong peer relationships and friends for life. Zamorano has a traditional saying: "We come from a country by birth, we lived in another by choice, and we are Zamoranos by conviction."

More than 7,500 graduates affirm that life at Zamorano is an experience that deeply marks your character, your loyalty, and your sense of belonging, as well your way of valuing respect and service to others. Our students live under a code of discipline with high expectations for performance, and where conduct, orderliness, responsibility and cleanliness are part of everyday life. Here, students learn to be responsible within and to their community and respect their environment, thanks to a mechanism that promotes leadership and hard work. But also, frequent social and sporting events help students intermingle and enjoy an unforgettable experience.