Support for Ecuadorian students affected by earthquake

We are with you our Ecuadorean brothers

At this time of tragedy, we share the pain of the Ecuadorian people.  Ecuador is a great friend of our university.    The Ecuadorian student colony is one of the most numerous.

We express to the government and people of Ecuador our support for them.  On our campus we sympathize with the Ecuadorians who are part of our student body, faculty and staff, and their families who have been affected by the earthquake.

We strongly believe in you Ecuadorians, who will rise quickly from this tragedy because you are a strong people; united, hard-working, always with the hope and the blessing of God and an attitude to be better every day.

How to Help: The Ecuadorean Foreign Ministry, through its diplomatic missions, has launched a system so that citizens residing abroad may make contributions. In addition, international organizations are receiving donations.

Our graduates received the support of the Honduran brigade in Ecuador.