As a Zamorano, why should you donate?

Maintaining a leadership role and constantly striving for innovation costs money.  Zamorano needs your support.  Less than half of the cost of an education at Zamorano is paid by tuition.  The remainder comes from donors like you.

Pride in being a Zamorano. You can participate in something that is important to you and it creates strong connections on campus.

Potential corporate and government donors want to know that Zamorano graduates believe in Zamorano. Your donation will attract other donations.

Your success is in part due to Zamorano.  Now it is time to make that dream happen for others. Besides leaving a legacy for current students to follow, you also are setting the trend for the future. Your gift will help others to succeed and in turn help even more students in their own time.

At some point in your life, someone lent you a helping hand. There are students across Latin America from all socio-economic backgrounds that need that help now.

The continued success of Zamorano is important to you and your career.

Unlike buying a car or a house, an education is not a one-time-deal. Your degree is worth only as much as the reputation of the institute from which it is given. By investing in your alma mater, you are cementing the foundation of education offered by Zamorano and enhancing its prestige.

You are providing support that will not only maintain the program of education you remember, but improve the quality and competitiveness that Zamorano needs to compete internationally.

Your donation will make a difference in the institution and the lives of many.

Goodwill breeds more goodwill.

The fact is that Zamorano was built on the generosity of a few wealthy families who believed in the importance and potential of Latin America.  These families have grown older and evolved, and although many continue to support Zamorano, the time has come for all Zamorano’s to support their alma mater in a significant way.