Zamorano Life

Zamorano has a very unique culture. All students live on campus - as do most of the teachers and staff - offering many opportunities to learn and grow outside the classroom. Zamorano groups organize regular events such as fundraisers for trips, dinners, dances, film screenings, and other social gatherings. Teachers and staff also share dinners and informal gatherings in their homes. This environment encourages social development and personal growth, and builds lasting friendships between students, alumni, and faculty.

“The uniform, daily responsibilities, the academic load - all the small details of daily life at Zamorano - develop an attitude of "can do" in the students.” Jeanette Collart, Honduran, Zamorana 2007.

On campus, students have access to medical services, a barber shop, hair salon, shoe repair, laundry, grocery store, pharmacy and library. The ecumenical non-denominational chapel celebrates a religious service on Sundays.

Students also have ample opportunity to practice sports and athletics. In addition to tennis and basketball courts, swimming facilities, and soccer fields, the campus has many kilometers of roads and trails where you can go hiking, jogging, and biking.

The Wilson Popenoe Library provides study literature and popular books and magazines, access to more than 5,000 scientific journals and online publications, and a collection of DVDs and other materials, both educational and entertainment-focused. The library hosts a small but impressive collection of modern paintings, exhibiting the work of Latin American artists.

Throughout the year, the university community enjoys lectures, seminars, and scientific demonstrations, as well as special annual events such as the Zamorano Fair, and the Panamerican Festival.

Zamorano support services help students manage challenging personal and academic situations that might otherwise hinder their progress and academic success.