With more than 80 years of history, our institution has built a solid reputation in training professionals committed to social progress and promoting innovations for sustainable, resilient and inclusive development. We stand out as a strategic ally in the promotion of agricultural programs and companies, impacting not only in Honduras, but throughout Latin America.


We welcome you to a world of possibilities where your dreams and positive impact intertwine. Do you want to explore an exciting future? Our courses are precisely designed to boost your professional development. From the innovative Food Agroindustry to the strategic Agribusiness Administration, passing through the exciting world of Environment and Development, and the fascinating Science and Agricultural Production; Each program is designed to nurture your talents and build skills that will make a difference.


Our educational legacy transcends borders and horizons. Almost 10,000 graduates present in all corners of the planet are palpable proof of the excellence and leadership that characterizes our education. They are the living manifestation of the values and knowledge that we impart, and they make us proud by demonstrating that Zamorana education is a powerful engine for global change.


As we transcend borders and limitations, our mission of innovation merges seamlessly with applied research and projection. These three pillars intertwine to form a dynamic network that not only enriches our educational offerings, but also creates a palpable impact on the community around us.


Our mission goes beyond conventional education. From classrooms to community projects, we instill in each student a deep commitment to sustainability. We empower them to be agents of change, capable of promoting business models, policies and practices that respect and care for our environment. Professionals who contribute actively and lastingly to the creation of a more equitable, prosperous world in harmony with nature.


On our vibrant campus, you will immerse yourself in an enriching environment full of multiculturalism and Pan-Americanism. Here, every day is an opportunity to celebrate our differences and build bridges that unite our diverse perspectives into one strong community. We welcome you to our Zamorana family, where union is more than a word: it is the thread that will weave lasting friendships and deep connections. At Zamorano, you will expand your horizons and cultivate a genuine understanding of the richness of cultures that make up our community.



At Zamorano we believe that living in harmony with nature is necessary to understand the earth. But above all things… We believe that Learning-Doing sets us apart. We believe in multiculturalism, because being a diverse, inclusive and open community to the world makes us stronger. We believe in each student, in our faculty and in the future that we can build from the formation of advanced human capital, the scientific contributions and the technologies we generate, which turn challenges into opportunities for a better present and future.
We want you to believe in us.


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