The term “Ombudsperson” comes from the Swedish word “Ombudsman,” which means “the one who listens to the people.” This role exists in governments and universities, promoting justice, human rights, and communication. At Zamorano, the Office of the Ombudsperson, established in 2006, serves as an independent and confidential channel for addressing academic and student life issues, mediating conflicts, and providing impartial guidance. Its function includes facilitating communication and informing the administration about issues affecting the institution.

Scope of the Office of Ombudsperson

The Office of Ombudsperson offers suggestions, warnings, reminders, and constructive criticism but does not have coercive, coercive, or jurisdictional power. Its primary function is to listen to and advise the student community, guiding them on their complaints and conflict resolution. The Ombudsperson’s authority is moral and ethical, limited to receiving complaints, advising, and recommending solutions, without the ability to take disciplinary action, revoke decisions, or circumvent institutional rules and policies.

What is the complaint box, and what is its purpose?

The complaint box is a secure electronic reporting channel that allows for anonymous reporting. It serves as a means for anyone in the Zamorano community to provide information about complaints, grievances, or improvements without fear of retaliation.

Objectives of the complaint box

  • Facilitate the submission of complaints.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of the complainant.
  • Serve as a tool to facilitate the investigation and follow-up of cases.


Important aspects to consider:

Detail the circumstances to facilitate the identification of the complaint.

Describe in the most detailed way possible the circumstances that facilitate the identification of the activity or situation that you wish to report.

Provide evidence or information that allows the situation to be investigated.

If available, provide evidence about the situation being communicated or indications and information that allow obtaining evidence and carrying out an investigation that allows an objective process.

Make sure the information is reliable and not a rumor.

Have reasonable certainty that the information transferred is reliable, and not based on gossip or rumor

All information will be investigated to substantiate the complaint.

In any case all Information entered through the mailbox leads to an investigation process that allows the complaint received to be objective and substantiated.

Submit your complaint

We remind you that all information provided will be treated confidentially.

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