Building Climate Resilience

The project promotes competitive, resilient, and inclusive market systems that provide greater economic opportunities for the low-income and marginalized population in Honduras. of TMS.

Network of Women in Agriculture (Honduras, El Salvador & Guatemala)

The Women in Agriculture Network is one of the nine initiatives funded by the USAID special fund, MujerProspera Challenge.

Generating Sustainable Economic Opportunities and Promoting Environmental Education in the Lake Yojoa Basin (SOS Yojoa)

The project aims to strengthen the understanding of Lake Yojoa’s population regarding ecosystem dynamics and the importance of proper waste management.

Creation of Microenterprises with Youth in Peripheral Areas of Tegucigalpa, Honduras

This initiative aims to promote the development of microenterprises with inclusive economic models, led by young men and women from vulnerable and socially at-risk families in peripheral areas of Tegucigalpa.


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Research Projects

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