Zamorano stands out in the World Food Prize.

The rector of Zamorano, Sergio Rodríguez Royo, became the first rector in the history of the university to be invited to participate as a panelist.

October 26, 2023. San Antonio de Oriente, F.M., Honduras.

Held in Des Moines, Iowa, USA from October 24 to 26, Zamorano marked its prominent presence at the World Food Prize event under the theme “Sustainable solutions for every life, every day to harness change.” In a historic milestone for the institution, the rector of Zamorano, Sergio Rodríguez Royo, became the first rector in the history of the university to be invited to participate as a panelist in this prestigious event. The institution had the honor of being the only Latin American university present, playing a central role in an interview panel that included prominent figures from the world of agriculture and food security.

The interview panel featured Meagan Kaiser, Chair of the US Soybean Board and soybean and corn farmer in Missouri, Rebecca Middleton, Director of Advocacy and Engagement at the World Food Program in the US, Chavonda Jacobs -Young, Under Secretary for Research, Education and Economics, and Chief Scientist of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and David Samveasna, DVM, Aquaculture Specialist from Cambodia, representing the Global Soybean Initiative of the American Soybean Association in Human Health.

During his participation in the event, the rector of Zamorano addressed the three main challenges in food security and nutrition in Latin America, sharing valuable reflections on how to overcome them, placing special emphasis on the fundamental role of American soybeans in this process. Among his notable responses are:

– “We need to nourish people, our planet and young minds to achieve local economic growth and food security.”

“Families should have access to nutritious, healthy and sustainable foods, whether locally or internationally produced, for nutrition and to enjoy foods of their choice.”

“It is important to educate young people and train the workforce, share knowledge and support local industry to meet food security objectives.”

One of the highlights of Zamorano’s participation in the event was the collaboration with the Soy Excellence Center, a program of US Soybeans (USSEC). This program provides world-class training to protein professionals in emerging markets, contributing to local economic growth and promoting sustainable nutrition.

Zamorano is proud to be part of this collaboration, as youth education plays a crucial role in sustainable development.

The rector concluded his participation in the event with a call for collaboration: “I know USSEC, and we welcome all organizations interested in collaborating in the Soy Centers of Excellence to advance the development of skills of youth in emerging markets to join SEC’s multi-stakeholder collaboration. “It takes a community.”

In addition to the main sessions, private meetings or “side events” were held, where Rodríguez Royo shared moments with influential decision makers in the agricultural sector worldwide, such as Lloyd Day, deputy director general of IICA, and Joaquín Lozano, director regional office in Latin America of CGIAR.

This event marks a before and after in the history of Zamorano and underlines its commitment to creating spaces for cooperation and relationships that support the agri-food systems of the future.

The Zamorano community is proud to be part of this global mission.


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